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Valentin Zusslin's 8 ha vineyards date back to 1691 and are on the hill of Bollenberg overlooking Orschwihr, in the south of Alsace.

His ancestors have cultivated the vineyards for three generations and now his family, Jean-Marie, Arlette, Jean-Paul, and Marie, all work for the Domaine too.

This family passion and years of enthusiasm can still be seen in the immaculate vineyards sustained to an exceptional level of quality. The wines of Zusslin are biodynamic, which means that they are organically produced and maintained in a way that enhances nature.

Vines are planted along natural magnetic field lines and special manures are created to help the vines. No chemicals are used at any stage in the wine making process and a horse drawn plough has even replaced the tractor.

All of this extra care and attention consistently produces a top quality fruit set, which in turn is handled with great care in the cellar where the philosophy is minimal contact.

There is no added yeast, no chaptalisation, and no acidification: at Zusslin they rely on the grapes being of high enough quality to need no extra intervention, and this is creating fantastically elegant wines.


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