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Cabana Cachaca is the brain child of Matti Anttila, a former investment banker in his late 20's. Having been exposed to cachaca during his extensive travels in Brazil, it occurred to Matti that this product segment was virtually unknown in the United States, particularly at the premium level. What ensued was a quest to bring a truly premium cachaca to the North American market that would elevate the sophisticated consumer's perception of this globally significant spirit. After extensive research in Brazil, he found the perfect cachaca in the state of Sao Paulo, a region with a terroir recognized for producing the best sugarcane in the world. He knew he had found exactly what he was looking for: the innovative double-distillation process produced a clean spirit supremely smooth and enjoyable on the palate, which retained the important hints of freshly pressed sugarcane, while minimizing the impurities that are commonly associated with cachaca. Matti soon brought on his good friends Nick Barquin and Priscilla Bittencourt as partners and Cabana was born. With a U.S. rollout that began in June, 2006, Cabana appeals to the steadily growing demographic of sophisticated, individualistic drinkers who are increasingly looking for a new luxury spirit experience. The purest form of rum, with a delicately citrus nose and a smooth, round finish, Cabana is set to become synonymous with the product category itself, redefining the space and propelling cachaca from beneath the bar to front and center alongside the most premium spirits in the world.