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The word vodka is derived from an old Russian noun meaning 'little water'. It is not exactly clear when vodka was first produced, though references appear in Russian records as far back as the 12th century. Certainly a fairly rough drink in its early days, production techniques must have improved dramatically because by 1475 vodka was so popular in Russia that the Tsar felt it necessary to impose a tax on it.

'Flagship' originates from the Dutch word 'flagman' and was adopted into Russian by Tsar Peter I whilst studying navigation in Holland. He was the founder of the Russian Navy and its first admiral, known as 'Mister Flagship of the Russian Fleet'.

Peter was a strong, intelligent and energetic man. An accomplished soldier and shipbuilder as well as seaman, he built the beautiful city of St Petersburg and modernised Russia to secure its independence. His apprentices created a fine regal vodka to reflect his nobility and character. This reconstructed recipe is used today for the production of Flagship.