Jade (Combier Distillery)

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The Combier Distillery, located in the centre of the beautiful Loire Valley is where the super-premium Jade Liqueurs absinthes are made. The distillery still uses two original, circa 1870 alambics that were purchased from the famous Pernod fils distillery after the French absinthe ban and are now employed to create the extraordinary Jade vintage absinthe reproductions. The historic distilling room, with its iron gallery designed by Gustav Eiffel, also contains the same Egrot alembic stills which were installed in 1899 at the height of the distillery's own production of fine absinthe under the name 'Blanchette,' re-launched in early 2006 with the help of T. A. Breaux. The room remains virtually unchanged to this day and is a designated museum in France. World-renowned 'Triple Sec' orange liqueur was invented by Combier in 1834 and their original, distilled, and often poorly imitated recipe continues to be made exactly as it was over one hundred and fifty years ago.