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The estate's history dates back to 1691, when it was first granted as a farm. In 1772 it was ceded to the Roux family, and it remained in this family until 1995. An old manor house, built around 1845, became the cellar in 1953. It was originally named Verdun as the Roux's saw the task of establishing vineyards on the farm as a figurative battle won. Wine from this land was first sold to merchants and in 1970 the first wine under the estate label was bottled and sold off the farm. Francois Tolken purchased the farm in 1995, in whose hands it remained until 2001. Asara today - after systematically analyzing the whole farm for its potential - produces approximately 75% Super Premium Red Wine and about 25% Top Quality White Wine on this wonderful 180ha Estate.

The name Asara is derived from the names of the African gods of Earth, Sun and Sky - Astar, Asis & Asase - expressing the harmony in nature's elements which is reflected in their range of wines.


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