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The Symington family have been producing Port since 1882 and own some of the finest Port Companies: Warre, Dow, Graham and Quinta do Vesuvio, all specialising in Vintage Ports. Bruno Prats is a leading Bordeaux winemaker and former owner of Chateau Cos d'Estournel. He continues to produce wine in Chile.

In 1998, the two families resolved to embark on a project to make a top class red wine in the Douro. Both families were convinced that the Douro was capable of producing a red wine of great distinction.

The vineyards of the Douro and Bordeaux can be said to be amongst the finest in the world. They both have a history of producing some of the world's greatest wines over many centuries. The wines from these two regions have evolved very differently, each achieving world-wide recognition for their excellence.

In 1999, a few experimental 'lots' were made in order to identify the most suitable grape varieties and to judge the quality potential. Chryseia 2000 was the first wine released. In 2002, with vintage conditions having been more difficult, Prats & Symington decided not to produce Chryseia.

Instead they created a smaller lot, in a more immediately approachable style, which we have christened Post Scriptum. This wine is sourced from the same vineyards and made in the classic Bordeaux vinification method.

Post Scriptum is the second wine of Chryseia. It is expected that it will be produced and offered every year, unlike Chryseia which will only be offered when harvest conditions permit.