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Rumor has it that the Vampire Vineyards are actually owned by a circle of vampires, and the company's founder, an entertainment attorney from New York, is actually just a front. (Whether he and his convertible were commandeered by a Vampire is still a subject for debate.) We do know however that after satiating themselves for years with their Transylvanian blood of the vine, the powers that be decided to spice things up and migrate westward like so many vampires before them. Using meticulous advance planning, these vampires planted their rootstock at the dawn of the 21st century in the mountainous region of Paso Robles, California, where the ocean fog frequently rolls in off the coast providing the perfect cover to their hidden vineyards. Having waited a full seven years, the vampires' rootstock now has yielded wonderful tight small clusters of grapes that have been skillfully blended by vampire winemakers to produce phenomenal wines -- smooth and well rounded, with forward fresh fruit - that have been aged in both French and American Oak Barrels. Sip the Blood of the Vine and enjoy!