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With cheesy disco drinks a thing of the past and dressing garish blue cocktails with sparklers a distant memory, people are waking up to the fact that the cocktail is not just a means to an end. It certainly doesn't belong solely on your best friend's hen night or during the first week at the Freshers' week. The cocktail has recently been going from strength to strength. After a period in the doldrums during the '80s it has found its feet again and since the Millennium the mixed drink is back, it's here to stay and it's a little more grown up this time. With cocktail bartenders looking to chefs and sommeliers to understand flavour, balance and depth of taste, today's cocktail is infinitely more refined than that of yesteryear. But away from style bars or five star hotels where do your get hands on one of these delights? We tried, couldn't and decided we wouldn't (ever again). And then we thought, "if a jobs worth doing its worth doing yourself!"


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