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The history of Bell's goes back almost 200 years. Steeped in tradition, and starting a few traditions of its own...and all from a wee shop in Perth.

1825 - Operating from a small shop in Perth Scotland a certain Arthur Bell began trading in two of the most precious commodities of the day: whisky and tea. But only one was pure gold...

1850's - The revolutionary years. When Arthur Bell defied convention, mixing several fine whiskies to create the Bell's blend.

1895-1904 - Arthur's two sons, Arthur Kinmond Bell (left) and Robert Duff Bell (right), joined the firm, with the trading name Arthur Bell & Sons first appearing on the famous curling label.

1925 - Another Bell's bottle landmark with the famous 'Afore ye go' slogan making its debut.

1933 - The end of American prohibition created a boom in trade and saw Arthur Bell and Sons take on three more distilleries including Blair Athol, which was founded way back in 1798 and started life as a farm.

1951 - The 'As Told By Bell's' campaign breaks with the bloodthirsty headline 'They flayed him alive...' to wet the appetite of Bell's thirsty fans.

1975 - The ever expanding Bell's team proved you could have your cake and eat it when, for the Bell's 150th birthday, it took four men just to carry the cake into the room.

1978 - Bell's is crowned as the UK's No.1 whisky – a proud year for the brand and its millions of fans.

1987 - Renowned Scottish artist Tom Adams helped create the The Very Best Of Scotland campaign. His stunning artwork featured in the campaign for 3 years and was seen around the world.

2000 - A new century and a very modern special-edition bottle and spirit advert to mark it. But inside, the Bell's whisky stayed true to its ancient roots.

2008 - The evolution of Bell's continues a new bottle of Bell's Original Blended Scotch Whisky. Starring alongside Arthur Bell himself in a nationwide advertising campaign.

2013 - Bell's strength of character continues to shine through in its partnership with Help for Heroes. A partnership that pledges to raise £1 million, through the design of limited edition bottles, national advertising and the world's biggest pub quiz!

2014 - We are proud to announce that Bell's has reached its target and raised £1 million for Help for Heroes! The funding will be used to support countless people who demonstrate strength of character every day and help them build a brighter future.

The Future - The Bell's mission continues with strength of character at its heart. This means we will continue to support Help for Heroes and – of course – continue to make great whisky!