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1830 - William Teacher was a man of self-belief. He started creating his own unique styles of peated blended whiskies in 1830 and selling them in his ‘Dram Shops’ in Glasgow.

1863 - After 30 years William created Teacher’s Highland Cream. The first whisky he considered good enough to carry his name. It had an unusually high peated malt content giving it a deep rich flavour.

1899 - Planned by WM Teacher and opened by his son. The Ardmore distillery was built to guarantee a supply of peated Highland single malt that lay at the heart of his famous blend and it still does to this day!

1930 - Teacher’s celebrates its centenary with an advertising campaign that last till the 1950’s. By now Teacher’s famous smoky flavour was world famous.

1997 - Teacher’s 50 was launched to commemorate India’s 50 years of independence. This premium 12 year old contains 50% malt whisky!

2015 - Teacher’s launches new packaging celebrating our ‘Golden Glow’ with a Golden Thistle on every bottle. It’s a reminder of the rich smoky flavour and amber colour of our whisky. Proof that self-belief makes good things happen.


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