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The current Stock Spirits Group was established in 2007 from the merger of Stock and Polmos Lubin. Their beginnings, however, date back to the 19th Century, in what was the Austro-Hungarian empire. In 1884 Lionello Stock formed the Camis & Stock company in Trieste and began to distribute drinks throughout Europe. The Company's flagship 'cognac' was so good that it competed with the French alternatives. By the 1920's Camis & Stock was one of the largest companies of its kind in Europe. When the Austro-Hungarian empire was broken up after the end of the First World War, Camis & Stock began to develop relationships in new markets. In 1920 it bought a distillery in Plzen Bozkov, in what is now the Czech Republic. In the following decade Camis & Stock constructed distilleries, bottling plants and ageing facilities in Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia. In 1939, on the cusp of the Second World War, the company looked to the United States for expansion and established an outpost in New York. While the Stock brand was being established, the foundations were being laid for the other businesses that would later come to gether to form the Stock Spirits Group. The most notable fo these was Polmos Lubin, which was founded in 1906. Nationalised in 1948, the company was re-privatised in 2001 and was floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2005, before being acquired with Stock in 2006. Subsequently in 2007 the spirits business of Eckes Stock was also merged into it to create the core of what is the Stock Spirits Group today.