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Rubicon was founded by 2 ex-employees of a major international soft drinks company in 1982. They got together & decided to start their own company specialising in Exotic Tropical Drinks.

The love affair with exotic fruits started in one of the founder's kitchen, which was also used as a lab, and that is where the first product was born. They named it 'Passionade' - a sparkling Passionfruit drink, which was the first of its kind in the UK.

Passionade was a huge success when it was launched in the market. There was little marketing support at launch & the success was solely due to the authentic & premium taste.

But why call a company Rubicon? The founders took inspiration from a time in history. Did you know that Rubicon is the name of a river?

The mythological meaning of Rubicon comes from the Roman era, when a senate told Caesar that his boundary to the empire should be restricted to the river Rubicon; however, Caesar ventured past the river against instructions and ended up with a large Roman empire.

He was adventurous & daring much like our founders. There was no looking back after that .In true sense of crossing the Rubicon.