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In the 16th century , the Henriot family settled in Champagne.

In 1794, Nicolas Simon Henriot, from a bourgeois local family who had been in the cloth business since the 16th century, married Apolline Godinot, niece of the Abbe Godinot, an eminent scholar whose work had contributed to advances in viticulture.

This marriage sealed a fruitful family alliance which was to give birth to champagne Henriot.

The House of Henriot was officially founded by Apolline Henriot in 1808, a widow of Nicolas Simon Henriot. She undertook the task of making available the very private Champagne Henriot in her father's vineyard in Bouzy and sold her wines under the name "Veuve Henriot Aine".

It was in 1808, under Appoline Henriot, that Champagne Henriot was officially founded. She was the niece of the very famous Abbe Godinot, an erudite man who contributed to improvements in viticulture and the making of the Champagne wine.

Appoline, an enterprising woman of great character, sold her wines both in France and abroad.

The champagne wines became a huge success with royalty and it was only natural that Champagne Henriot became the favourite firstly at the Dutch court, then in Austria and Hungary with the Hapsburgs.

She passed on her savoir-faire to her grandson, Ernest and a family tradition was born.

The House cultivates a very particular style, valuing time, patience, and the pursuit of perfection. It chooses the best wines from the best "crus", demanding the most careful work from the vineyard and cellar workers.

The family's knowledge of the terroirs and blending skill makes the wines of Champagne Henriot recognizable among all others. Champagne Henriot is committed to offering wines with a strong personality centred around the family's philosophy of wine making.


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