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One hundred and twenty years ago, in 1888, a year after The Highland Distillers Company was established, Don Andres Brugal Montaner founded the Brugal rum company in Puerto Plata, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Today, the current chairman and founder's grandson, Don George Arzeno Brugal, now oversees his family's rich tradition and heritage, crafting the highest quality rum in the Caribbean.

The family's commitment to the highest quality in every step of the process has delivered a range of superior products, winning numerous awards at international spirits competitions. Brugal is a true national icon of the Dominican Republic and an integral part of everyday life.

Its base ingredient, high quality sugar cane, is all grown and harvested by local farms and refined on the island to produce molasses, the dark, sweet ingredient used as the raw material in producing Brugal. From these molasses, the master distiller crafts a pure clear spirit, with fewer impurities than any of Brugal's major competitors, at the only working distillery on the island at San Pedro de Macoris.

The pure spirit is matured in natural oak casks under the watchful eye of Don Fernando Ortega Brugal. After a period of time, this spirit can be officially referred to as rum, having taking on the complex and soft flavours over time for which Brugal is world renowned.

Brugal's Caribbean home is famous for its crystal clear seas, sandy beaches and blue skies and recognised across the world as the home of authentic golden rum. Brugal is proud to be the most popular rum in the Dominican Republic, over four times larger than its nearest competitor.

Today, Brugal's popularity spans the world and is enjoyed as a long mixed drink, neat over ice, or in more complex cocktails, such as the Golden Mojito.

Its total commitment to quality and premium values has made it the fastest growing rum brand in Europe. Built on a solid foundation of premium values, Brugal is set to develop the many rum opportunities that exist across the world, bringing the warmth of the Caribbean to the hearts of consumers wherever it travels.