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Hopler's cutting edge production installations and cellar facilities have been operational since 2005 and they provide the prerequisites for the production of high-quality wines. In 2,500 sqm premises, the hand-picked grapes from the surrounding area are processed into different varietals.

Not only do they exceed the high standards of hygiene demanded today, but also strive to maintain the original flavours taste buds desire. Hopler strive to harmoniously unite the old with the new, carefully implementing computerised technology and give meticulous consideration to the nuances of flavour.

In their estate's old wine cellars and living quarters in the heart of Winden, visitors can discover the secrets of wine. Experience the extraordinary ambience in their eight, uniquely-designed wine chambers. The journey starts in the renovated old production and living quarters, passes by dancing red wine lights, fragrant timber aromas, audible tradition and tangible authenticity, ending in an awareness-raising experience.

In the Barrique, casks located in the magnificent inner courtyard of the picturesque estate, a selection of wines mature and it is here that atmospheric tastings take place.