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Since 1679, Liefmans is one of the cult breweries of the great Belgian beer Country. Liefamns distinctive flavours derive from the process of mixed fermentation, in open vessels, a blending of young and old beers and bottle-aging in the cellars Oudenaarde.

Liefmans is blended beer. The origin of the blending was to preserve the beer, brewed in winter, for the hot summer (before decent refrigeration was invented). Liefmans is brewed from pale, dark and roasted malts.

After fermentation for one week, the beer matures for two years (only one year for Kriek). Very old beers are blended with fresher, sweeter, 'new' beer to enliven its flavour. The masterpiece of blending is Goudenband.

Liefmans was the first brewery to wrap each bottle in tissue paper. All the bottles are hand-wrapped.


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