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1749 Scottish & Newcastle can trace its roots back to 1749 when a 16 year old named William Younger arrives in Edinburgh to start work as a brewer.

1770 John Barras Brewery is established in Newcastle, the first of the businesses that will eventually combine to form Newcastle Breweries.

1777 Archibald Younger, William's son, sets up his own brewery in the grounds of the Abbey at Holyrood House. He develops a reputation for producing a quality product by using pure water and the best barley and hops.

1840 Following a recession and poor harvest in 1838, William Younger & Company looks to the overseas market. With the improvement in passage times within a few years they are exporting to Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas.

1856 29 year old William McEwan builds Fountain brewery in Edinburgh.

1883 Tadcaster Brewery is founded.

1890 John Barras & Co merge with three other brewers to form Newcastle Breweries.

1930 McEwan's and Younger's merge to form Scottish Brewers Ltd.

1960 Scottish Breweries merge with Newcastle Breweries to form Scottish & Newcastle Breweries. The new company aquires the Red Tower Brewery and renames it Royal Brewery.

1970s Demand for Scottish & Newcastle's beers increases as never before and all areas of the group continue to grow.

1987 Scottish & Newcastle acquires North West Brewer Matthew Brown, who owns craft brewer Theakston.

1995 Scottish & Newcastle acquires Courage, making the combined group the biggest brewer in Britain.

2003 Scottish & Newcastle assumes full control of the Bulmers brand in the UK.

2004 Scottish & Newcastle announces that it intends to close the Fountain Brewery in Edinburgh, and acquire the smaller Caledonian Brewery.

2005 Scottish & Newcastle confirms completion of the purchase of 37.5% of United Breweries, India's leading brewer. HEINEKEN introduces its portable draught beer system, the Heineken® DraughtKeg.

2008 HEINEKEN acquires Scottish & Newcastle and incorporates it into its UK business, HEINEKEN UK, which is now the country’s leading cider and beer business.


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