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Professor Valery Sorokin looks composed, perhaps a little closed, but that's nothing unusual in old-school scientists.

His gaze, on the other hand, is as lively and clear and the product he has revolutionised: Vodka.

Sorokin is a patient man - both in conversation and in life. For 10 long years, he worked in Moscow to answer one question: How can we structure alcohol-water solutions? It's a question that, so far, no one has ever been able to answer.

His quest was driven by a desire to make his - and his fellow countrymen's favourite drink more palatable, and thereby to improve it.

The idea of structuring alcohol-water solutions is based on a simple but important fact: The tongue reacts more positively to substances naturally present in the human body - in this case, water - than to foreign substances - in this case, alcohol.

After countless experiments, Prof. Sorokin succeeded in the year 2000 to structure alcohol and water in a way that meant each molecule of alcohol was surrounded completely by water molecules.

The result is that the tongue initially perceives the vodka as a natural, saliva-like substance.

This clever trick not only serves to increase the enjoyment of the drink, but also its quality, since, in contrast to other manufacturing processes, it produces no unpleasant side products that must then be laboriously filtered out. The result: a clear, pure and natural vodka of the highest quality.

But what, on first glance, sounds so simple is actually, when examined in greater detail, an extremely complicated procedure, requiring a great deal of know- how and the utmost technical precision. To ensure the uniqueness of OVAL Vodka in the long term, the manufacturing process was immediately registered as a worldwide patent.

OVAL was founded four years after the revolutionary discovery - not in Moscow, but in Vienna. The decision to locate the head office in the Austrian capital, and the production facility in the nearby town of Moosbrunn, was based on numerous excellent reasons. These began with the outstanding local water quality - which lies in the world's top twenty and is crucial for the ultimate quality of the vodka - and also included the central location in the heart of Europe, with the associated first-class infrastructure, and the production know-how required for manufacturing all OVAL Premium Vodkas.