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It’s a story we’ll never tire of telling. A tale of passion. A birthplace that is truly unique. And an unwavering vision – to make the world’s best single malt whisky. Our story starts in a place that some people may consider as ‘far, far away’ – the north of Sweden. In this beautiful location, a series of unique circumstances combine, the result being a single malt whisky of singular character that can truly claim to come from a different perspective.

Pure, chilled and totally exclusive

The Box Distillery lies beside the Angerman River in Adalen around 100 km north of Sundsvall in northern Sweden. With its source lying deep in the mountains, the river provides us with almost unlimited access to crystal clear, chilled water – a defining factor in creating a rich, character filled distillation. For much of the year, the temperature of this water is only a few degrees above freezing. This fresh mountain water is an exclusive resource which allows us to distil more effectively than in any other location in the world.