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Prince Hubert de POLIGNAC is a descendant of one of the most ancient families in the French aristocracy. The origins of the family date back to 860 with Armand 1er de POLIGNAC, first to bear the name. Over the centuries, several members of the family distinguished themselves and played a significant role in French History. Besides, this commitment is found in the family's motto "Sacer Custos Pacis" that can be translated as "Holy Guardian of the Peace". In 1947, Prince Hubert de POLIGNAC who was, at that time, the French Foreign Trade Counsellor allowed his name and coat of arms to become a registered trademark. Thanks to his noble roots and numerous acquaintances, the Prince Hubert de Polignac widely contributed to the promotion of this cognac abroad, making himself a great ambassador of the product while visiting the biggest heads of states. In 1959, Polignac became the official provider of the Court of His Majesty the King of Denmark, thanks to the Russian Prince Alexis Louis de Wenden. As years went by, the range of cognacs Prince Hubert de Polignac widely expanded, and the quality was ever bettered to create products such as XO Royal or Reserve du Prince, real symbols of perfection. Since then, all the cognacs bearing his name are symbols of outstanding quality, with unfailing commitment to the noble dignity of a great trademark.


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