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We import from three of the top estates in Chianti Classico, each offering different styles but all of unrivaled quality. Of these three estates, Felsina epitomizes the powerful style of southern Chianti, where the wines are stylistically more akin to those from Montalcino than to their fellow Chiantis like Fontodi or Isole e Olena.

Felsina's outstanding vineyards are situated in the commune of Castelnuovo Berardenga on the southern border of the zone. While the wines have great intensity, they are, as in the case of 'Vigneto Rancia', also capable of displaying the elegance that marks out the best Chianti Classico.

Tradition and respect for the terroir is important at Felsina. The vineyards are treated as independent productive units, each one distinct according to climate, altitude, aspect, micro climate, soil composition, and Sangiovese clone.


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