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Jade Liqueurs was founded in 2000 by T.A. Breaux, a professional scientist who has dedicated over 16 years of research toward resolving the mysteries and myths associated with absinthe.

A relentless quest for the unadulterated truth has taken him across the globe in search of obscure, overlooked, and forgotten information that documents this often maligned subject.

Jade Liqueurs was established for the sole purpose of offering the connoisseur the opportunity to experience unequivocal recreations of the classic absinthe that fuelled the creative fires of the Belle Epoque.

Whereas the recent absinthe renaissance has spawned a rash of inferior, industrially prepared, chemically dyed 'absinthes' that are commonly sold to unsuspecting consumers at a considerable profit, the absinthes crafted by Jade Liqueurs deliver historical accuracy and hand crafted authenticity down to unimaginably minute details.