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A long time ago in the Russian empire a wonderful bottle was created. Used by a local brewer for his finest beer it soon found its way to the Imperial Court.

The collapse of the empire gave birth to new nations among them the Republic of Estonia where this bottle continued to hold only the best lager.

An award winning 5% pilsner style lager. Brewed in Estonia using pure deep well spring water and specially selected barley from across the Baltic region. A clean, refreshing beer with consistent malt flavours from slightly sweet to lightly roasted. Saaz hops provide a subtle elegance and a smooth lingering finish.

The name Viru comes from Virumaa (Viru land) a traditional word for an area on the Baltic coast. The Viru bottle is an art deco masterpiece created at the turn of the 20th century in St Petersburg and said to resemble the medieval turrets which guard Estonia's historic capital, Tallinn.