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The Mukhrani estate is renowned for its rich soil and traditional winemaking methods. Ideal soils and climate conditions all play a role in the many varieties of wines produced by the estate. They are true works of art.

When Ivane Mukhran Batoni, of the Bagrationi dynasty, returned from France in 1876, where he learned about the fine art of winemaking in the Bordeaux and Champagne region, he started producing wonderful Georgian wines on the ancestral Mukhrani Estate land. He also introduced contemporary technologies that were already widely used in Europe.

The combination of local traditions and new techniques revolutionised the quality of Georgian wine, bringing out all the unrivalled flavours and characters of the local wines.

Chateau Mukhrani has become renowned the world over for its splendid palace and cellars, wonderful gardens, pristine vineyards and farms. The harmonious symbiosis between fertile soils and history, traditions and modern technologies, has created the masterpieces we call Chateau Mukhrani Wines.