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Not Just aged Nutured. Botran is not only a great family name; The history of alcoholic beverage production in Guatemala is closely linked to the Botran family, one of the precursors of the industry after whom this line of great quality of rums is named. From the middle of the last century the Botran brothers created Industria Licorera Quezalteca located in the Western highlands of Guatemala; it now rises as living testimony of a family passion that grows with the passing of time. The Botran family has devoted its passion to perfecting the productive process of their rums. Aging through the Solera System - A tradition stamped with fire The life of Botran rums starts in the plantations in Retalhuleu, in the South of Guatemala. Secrets are passed on from generation to generation to continually enhance the entire production chain: plantations, distillation, fermentation, bottling, packing and distribution processes are carefully watched to guarantee the qualities for which Botran rums are known for throughout the world.


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