Tequila Chamucos

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Tequila Chamucos was originally conceived by a Mexican film director, named Antonio Urrutia, famous for Arthouse Pornographic Thrillers 'I Murder Seriously' and 'Of Guts & Heart' and his Artist friend who created the label to honour the work of the world renowned political satirical caricaturist Jose Guadalupe Posada 1852-1913. A legendary Folkloric Hero in Mexico!

Chamucos is made in Mazamitla, Jalisco, which is a high altitude region south of Lake Chapala, surrounded by pine forests, this ensures a pure environment. The water used to make Chamucos is drawn deep from the mountain rock and is crystalline.

The Master Distiller, Wilfrido Ortega Casas learnt his craft at the Siete Leguas Plant under the tutorship of the venerable Francisco Alcaraz originally responsible for creating the first incarnation of Patron Tequila in 1989. His goal, like many pupils of the Masters, is to absorb the wisdom of his teacher and take it to the next level of excellence.

Chamucos Tequila, uses choice Pinas from Los Altos & the Tequila Valley, it is double distilled using state of the art distillation equipment. Great care is employed to separate the 3 qualities of spirit produced from primary distillation Heads, Hearts & Tails, this is overseen by women for reason of their ultra sensitivity, classical music is played during the process. Although this may seem to the uninitiated a trifle pretentious, we can assure you it works, the proof is there for you to savour!