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Vina Punto Alto lies to the west of Santiago, just 20 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean. its close proximity to the coast gives a cool climate that is reminiscent of the southern part of the Napa Valley, and the classic varietals of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir thrive here.

The resulting wines are pure, aromatic and offer excellent value. Convinced of the huge potential of Chile, and particularly of cool-climate Chile, Michel Laroche visited Casablanca in 2001, and singled it out as the most exciting area in the country for high-quality wines.

Winemaking is overseen by Laroche Chablis winemaker Gregory Viennois. The same care is taken in the vineyards and winery as in France, with low yields and meticulous sorting of the grapes before they enter the winery.

Michel identified two important vineyard sites: El Chaparro and La Vinilla. The former comprises 53 hectares of free-draining vineyard on the slopes at the foot of the mountain El Mahuco, while the latter represents 23 hectares on the slightly warmer plain.

Like the Napa Valley, Casablanca has earned the nickname 'the foggy valley', as a result of the shroud of fog that envelopes the vineyards in the morning, keeping the grapes fresh and cool, before evaporating to leave warm, sunny conditions in the afternoon.