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The apple trees used in the production of Daron Calvados grow on the chalk and clay soil in the north of the Pays d'Auge, home of the very best Calvados. Cattle graze in the shade beneath the tall trunks of the apple trees in these traditional, open-air orchards.

To produce a balanced and harmonious Calvados, several varieties of cider apple are used. The bitter and bittersweet varieties of Bisquets, Bedan, Petit Joly, and St Martin give Daron Calvados an exceptionally rich flavour.

The orchards are also planted with a small number of pear trees, which lend distinction and elegance to Daron Calvados. Unlike methods that use industrial presses, the cider used to produce Daron Calvados is made from the first juice and thus contains the full flavour of the fruits.