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The Guterrez Colosia wines are produced in "bodegas", or wine cellars, with an architectural style known as "Nave Cathedral" or cathedral like warehouse. These are buildings of significant height and numerous arcs which allow for a better exposure of the wines to the influence of the special climate of the Region.

The Gutierrez Colosia Bodegas are heirs to a long viticulture and wine producing tradition. Their first Bodega was built in 1838 and it has been preserved almost as such to this day. After different ownership, it was acquired by Mr. Jose Gutierrez Dosal towards the beginning of the 20th century, the late great grandfather of this last generation of the Gutierrez Colosia family.

In 1969, the Gutierrez Colosia family bought the ruins of the Palace of the Count of Cumbrehermosa Cargador de Indias, which also included a wine cellar. Upon these ruins two additional cellars were built.

The Gutierrez Colosia wineries are the only ones located by the riverside in the area and it is this location which allows for the perfect humidity level needed for the biological ageing of the 'Fino' and the developing of a fine layer of yeast 'en flor' (micro-organisms which develop over the wine surface) in a veil fashion that gives this wine its unique aroma and taste.