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Jesus Martinez Echavarri patxaran began work in 1964 in a small street located in Pamplona. Production at that time was minimal, and it was not for commercial purposes. Over the years, and seeing the success his patxaran had in the environment chose to back the development of the same at commercial level. He brushed aside his principal activity at the time, the packaging and marketing of wine, and in 1988 took the risk of buying a plot in the Brothers Noain Ansoain street that could develop, bottle and market a product that over the years has now positioned itself among the most demanded in this market, mainly due to the way of preparation: the maceration of sloes in anis. Over the years, local Ansoain left being too limited in space and more tanks were needed to macerate the fruit. In 1999, Jesus Martinez Echavarri was forced to move to a larger plant in the industrial area of the Augustinians of Orkoien, where he could adapt the production to the significant increase in demand for its patxaran on the market. Currently in these facilities where the patxaran still made - the traditional way, as did their ancestors, but having the best health and production guarantees what these facilities can offer.