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For almost four centuries, Grolsch brewers have been employing skill and patience to produce a beer that is renowned worldwide for its flavour and character. Besides malt, hops and water, Grolsch brewers use a fourth vital ingredient: time. It takes several weeks to complete the perfectly natural brewing process, that makes Grolsch beer so special.

Grolsch is a quality brewer whose rich traditions date back to 1615 when the famous Dutch master brewer Peter Cuyper established the company.

The company has its origins in the eastern part of the Netherlands an area it still calls home. From here, Grolsch exports its beer to more than 50 countries.

A powerful brand that knows no equal, Grolsch Premium Lager is available in various packaging, including the unique Swingtop bottle, a glassblower's masterpiece. It was back in 1897 when Grolsch first began selling its beer in these distinctive bottles with their swingtop stoppers. An icon that distinguishes Grolsch from other brands.