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ommasi Viticoltori (Tommasi Vintners) is a family company founded in 1902. It is situated in Pedemonte, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico region, a small piece of land in the North-West of Verona. The estate is still run today by the 4th generation Tommasi family who are very proud to be celebrating their 110th anniversary in 2012. Tommasi is acclaimed for its incomparable red wines, the most important and prestigious is the Amarone, one of the great wines of the world. Tommasi has specialised in the production of Amarone for decades and has become one of its principal ambassadors to the world.


The grapes for Amarone are hand selected before being placed onto small open racks and taken to an open-sided building where they are dried by the cool breezes of Autumn and winter until they are crushed the following February.

The Tommasi Amarone ages at least three years in oak barrels and is then bottled for a year before being released.


From Grandfather Giacomo's tiny vineyard, the Tommasi estate has grown over the years and today extends to 135 hectares in the DOC wine areas of Verona.

The family own 95 hectares in the Valpolicella Classico region and 40 hectares in the regions of Bardolino, Custoza, Soave and Lugana.