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Located on the plateau of a hill overlooking the village of Beaumes de Venise, Domaine de Durban existed since 1159.

The estate looks to the vineyards and offers spectacular views. It is in this exceptional setting that brings the Leydier family since the 60s all his attention to the production of wines of the Domaine.

Throughout the year, the Leydier family brings all maintenance care, preparing vineyards to affirm great regularity in their production.

At Domaine de Durban, the grapes are harvested as before: picking is done hand to avoid damaging the grape berries, with sorting in the vineyard, to remove damaged kernels or not mature enough.

The grape is harvested and de-stemmed and put into vats so that it steeps to deliver his sperm before to be high in stainless steel tanks to control temperatures.