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In 1881, my ancestor, Prosper Galaup, purchased the first parcels of the vineyard and started our wine family story. He constructed the buildings from stone and dug the wine-making cave out of rock in 1885.

The cave, even at that time provided ideal conditions for the making of excellent wines. The following four generations progressively increased the estate to the present 350 ha, including the 50 ha of vineyard which are all in one block. Prosper Galaup’s great granddaughter , Simone MIROUZE , inherited and took over the operation of the vineyard at the age of 27.

From 1956 onward, my grandparents, Simone and Jacques MIROUZE, began to produce wines of quality on the estate. Their initial efforts were directed towards improving the land for wine production. In the 1960s, they took from the wild garrigue additional parcels of land of the massif de Fontfroide which turned out to be superb terroir for the vines.

Then they began the long years of work of planting new varieties grapes—as early as 1968 planting Syrah. This pioneering approach resulted in the development and sale of the first bottles in 1974. They developed a complete range of Appellation Corbières Controlee—red , white and rose—and also single variety wine—Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.