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A town called Leuven and a brew called Stella Artois, their destinies merged for some time in the deep, dark past and now provide enjoyment for people in 80 corners of the world. It begins with a brewery dubbed Den Horen, or 'the horn' dating back to 1366. The title of master brewer was conferred to one Sebastian Artois in 1708, who then proceeded to pass on his gifts to his sons. Through a purchase by said Sebastian, the house came to be known as the Artois Brewery in 1717.

Many winters passed and soon it was 1425. A university was founded in the town and many a student could now experience the beers that brought the little town so much acclaim. This institution of higher learning soon became the brewery's most important patron. Observe that modern times have not changed the relationship between university and a draught of good brew.

While the Artois Brewery may have served gentleman and rogues since 1366, it wasn't until 1926 that the pride of Belgium was born. Christmas had enrobed the town of Leuven. As the spirit of goodwill permeated the crisp air, the brewers of Artois took it upon themsleves to devise a special Christmas brew. This new beer emerged clear; clear as a star, you could say. It was truly christened 'Stella', Latin for 'Star'. The people rejoiced in this new brew and have henceforward set their tables with it year round. The name Stella Artois revels in a birth brought about by natural elements. The natural ingredients that comprise its make-up include water, malt, hops and the magic element, a unique Stella Artois yeast. The water itself is drawn from underground wells located deep beneath the brewery. The finished product is a culmnination of ingredient, tradition and style.

The Artois Brewery has too seen many a rebirth. In 1918, it suffered from the artillery of WW1 and was rebuilt. Today, the senior brewery is protected as a national patrimony. A second was built in 1948 and today boasts an annual production of 150,000l. 1993 marked the birth of fully automated brewery in Leuven. Stella Artois has found many homes but countless more friends.