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Since the early 1990s, Franz Prager's estate has been run by his son-in-law, Toni Bodenstein. One of the Wachau`s viticultural pioneers, Toni is dedicated to producing wines that express their terroir.

The Weingut is based in the village of Weisssenkirchen, nestled at the foot of the towering terraces that overlook the Danube. The area is blessed with a perfect microclimate: days are warm while night temperatures are cooled by refreshing, oxygen-rich northern breezes and regulated generally by the river itself.

The village's two most imposing sites (or Rieden), Achleiten and Klaus, face due south and are the only two vineyards in the valley to slope right down to the water`s edge.

The primary rock structure of Klaus is black slate (Amphibolit). Its wines are peachy, floral and mineral, and tend to need a couple of years before they begin to show their true colours. Achleiten`s primary rock contains gneiss as well as slate and the wines are beautifully fruity and spicy with earthy tones. The wines tend to open out earlier.