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With an enviable position on the highest slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain, ranging from 370 to 640 metres above sea level on mainly south-facing slopes, lies Thelema, one of the highest, coolest and certainly most sought-after wine farms in the Cape. Gyles Webb is the heartbeat of Thelema, enviably nestled in one of the most beautiful places in the world to grow grapes.

Saved from a certain life of boredom in accountancy by deciding to put down roots on the mountain and produce great wine, Gyles is now ably assisted by Rudi Schultz in winemaking and son Thomas in all Export markets, enabling him to go back to the vineyard and concentrate on the improvement of soil health and diversity in order to grow the best grapes to make the finest wines.

Winemaking is as natural as possible with minimal handling - a policy which they charmingly describe as "benign neglect", and the vision for the Thelema wines is just as down to earth; Gyles has regularly been heard saying that all they want to do is make honest wines which people will enjoy!

True to this vision, Gyles and Thomas can regularly be found enjoying good wine and great food themselves in some of the UK's best restaurants.


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