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Westerhall Estate Ltd is a Grenadian private limited liability company, registered in 1966. Prior to its formal registration it operated as an agricultural estate which consisted of 951 acres planted in Sugar Cane, Bananas, Coconuts Cocoa and Limes. The estate always had a small distillery on its premises and some of the sugar cane crushing equipment dates back to the 1700's. The property was originally called Grand Bacaye Estate and it is believed that the name was changed to Westerhall after it was purchased by Sir William John Stone of Dumfrieshire, Scotland in the early 1700's, after the name of his ancestral family home. Westerhall was then sold in 1836 by the heir of Sir William, Sir Frederick George Johnstone to "Mr. John Allan Powell of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, Lewis Hoyes Esquire of the Island of Grenada, one of His Majesty's West Indian or Caribe Islands in America, and Thomas Browne of Snell Hall in the said Island".

In 1862 Sugar cane processing machinery was purchased from the firm of W & A McOnie in Glasgow, and installed at Westerhall, most of which is still in existence today. In 1876 Westerhall was sold by the Commissioners for sale of encumbered estates in the West Indies to Mr. Jonas Browne of 36 Mincing Lane, London for GBP 2,500. The next transaction which has been found is in 1900, when the estate was sold by Mrs. Elizabeth Wells of Hampstead Estate in St.Davids to William Alexander Whiteman Ross for GBP 1,000. Mr. Ross made a down payment but never finalized the deal and the Registrar sold the estate for the outstanding balance to Mrs. Ellice Emily Branch in 1912. Westerhall was subsequently sold to Mr. Arthur Keith Wells in 1944. In 1965 the estate was purchased by Mr. George Williams and Mr. John Otway, and became Westerhall Estate Limited. The shareholding of the Company still remains in the immediate Williams/Wells family.

The waterwheels were decommissioned in the early 1970's and were replaced by a small diesel powered mill which operated until December 1988, when Westerhall purchased Morne Delice sugar mill, after which all grinding of cane and boiling of cane juice was conducted at Morne Delice, the syrup being transported to Westerhall for fermentation and distilling.

Presently the major operation of the Company is the blending and bottling of rum, applying the special family skill that has been kept a secret since 1944. The company now produces six brands of rum, with its flagship brand being Westerhall Vintage Rum. The company has always put great emphasis on maintaining high standards and quality control and today works to the highest international standards at every stage of the process from blending and bottling to labeling.


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