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An excellent wine is only the true expression of the vineyard from which they originate.

Therefore, we are passionate artists and retailers in the care of our vineyards with total respect for the territorial and varietal.

We believe in the unique personality of Argentinian Malbec and the potential of these soils to produce other varietals at Super Premium.

The Dona Paula innovative spirit is reflected in the relentless pursuit of different terroirs and meticulous winemaking for high quality.

We have farms in the best wine regions of Argentina, with varied conditions of soil, altitude and climate.

We are constantly innovating in terms of vineyard tasks according to the climate and soil conditions of each farm. Such is the case of the implementation of an alternative drive system as Gobelet on the stony ground of Villa Alluvia, allowing us to treat each plant as an individual and get poor performance naturally.

Moreover, the diversity and innovation of Dona Paula are reflected in the growing and processing of non-traditional varietals in Argentina. A clear example of this is the highlight of Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc and planting varietals Casavecchia, Ancellota, Riesling, Petit Verdot, Grenache, Touliba and Aglianico, among others, strategically chosen not to sell, but to make wine experiences by cloning these plant species.