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Albert Morot was founded in 1820 as a négociant. In 1890 they purchased seven hectares of vines and also the buildings that they currently occupy on the route de Bouze. Geoffroy Choppin de Janvry became responsible for Domaine Albert Morot in 2000 when his aunt retired. The domaine was being run together with the négoce business as late as the 1980s by the uncle of Geoffroy, but when the uncle became ill Geoffroy’s aunt decided to stop the négoce to concentrate on the domaine vines. The uncle died in 2000 and without children, Geoffroy was next in line for the rôle at the domaine – brought up in Paris he had studied agromomy at Montpellier University.

Today there are 8 hectares of vines; 1.80 ha of Savigny La Bataillière, seven premier crus in Beaune – only one white (Aigrots) – and some villages Pommard from 2008. Geoffroy has also started to buy a little extra grapes to augment his production, for instance there were 5 barrels of Champimonts when I visited. The cuverie and particularly the cellars could certainly accommodate much more wine – with two large sub-levels, three vintages could fit in here – even in 2003 the temperature stayed at a steady 13°C in the lower level.

The Approach Soil is worked in a bio way. The vines see a vendanges vert and later in the growing season the team remove leaves on the northern side of the vines to improve aeration. Generally a low yield of 35-40hl/ha is achieved.

The harvest is usually a quick thing – there are many hands so it requires only about 5 or 6 days. Triage is done at the vines, leaving sub-standard bunches on the ground but there is also a vibrating followed by triage table at the domaine too. Everything is destemmed here. The cuves are stainless steel – Geoffroy changed from oak in 2005, he thought the summer of 2003 had dried the vats a little too much – he anyway likes the simplicity of operation and cleanliness that stainless steel brings. Cuvaison starts with 4-5 days of pre-fermentation maceration and lasts in total about 20 days. The wines are not racked until bottling as Geoffroy prefers to preserve the wines with their carbon dioxide rather than rack and have to add sulfur. There is no fining or filtration here.