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Champagne Francoise Bedel & Fils is a family estate from the Marne Valley. You can find it at Crouttes-sur-Marne, a pretty village on the edge of the Champagne region.

The vineyard's parcels are spread in the banks of the Marne river, over four areas : Nanteuil-Sur- Marne, Charly-Sur-Marne, and Villiers-Saint-Denis.

Champagne Francoise Bedel & Fils has been producing a selection of champagnes with a vast palette of organileptic qualities for last three generations:

Fernand and Marie-Louise Bedel are the first generation of winemakers. Francoise Bedel started to manage a part of the estate in 1979. Vincent, the son of Francoise, joined the family vineyard in 2003.