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In the heart of D.O.C. Primitivo di Manduria area, centre of production of one of the most intense and scented Italian wines, the art of vine-growing has moulded the landscape through the patient and meticulous care of very old bush-vines, which are still manually treated, with millenary techniques dating back to the times of Basilian monks or even earlier to the ancient Greeks.

Together with ideal climatic and environmental conditions, the bush vine system allows to bottle wines of great organoleptic quality, and uniqueness. The aim of Terre di Sava is to make its work the faithful expression of the traditions related to the territory it was named after, through a moderate, non-invasive use of modern vinification technologies. This intuition generated the Terre di Sava challenge: to enhance and make fondness grow around the villages, the bush vines, the grapes; ancient traditions , combined with modern technologies, which are never to be lost.