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The history of Bodegas Pinord goes back over a hundred and fifty years ago, when on his property in Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues, Tits family began making red and white wines, made from grapes grown on site, which even then were produced and raised following the traditional handicraft methods in the area.

It is in 1942 when Josep Maria Tits created the current winery, installing it in Vilafranca del Penedes, just four kilometers from the original farm.

From this property, precisely, we choose the brand name for the company, Nord-Pi North Pine, which today is converted to organic farming, and continues to provide an excellent quality grapes, as a century ago behind. Then Miquel Tits, father Josep Maria, xarel.lo vinificaba the farm and traveled overnight in a car with two barrels of 500 liters to Barcelona, ​​where he especially appreciated the finesse of its wines.

But quickly, Josep, curious and enterprising, turned his attention to these small quantities of carbon dioxide given off spontaneously, some young wines and wines "Petillants French or frizzantes Italian and began researching mode processing to fix that carbon in the wine. Thus was born the first Fizzy in Spain, the Reynal.

The success was immediate and exceeded expectations: in a short time, Pinord started exporting its wines worldwide and winery experienced tremendous growth. Facilities were expanded and increased production. It was during these years when Marrugat cavas born, name of the wife of Josep M. Breasts, also family tradition rooted in the Penedes wine. We are also starting to develop a range of wines, Muscats and other specialties that end forming a very comprehensive catalog, giving a strong reputation to the winery during the 50s and 60s.

That's when Pinord becomes one of the most relevant del Penedes.