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Inspired by the beauty of New Zealand and its stunning wines, Leigh Teece had the idea to make wine in the land of her husband's birth.

David’s response to the suggestion was typically bold. He could have settled for the usual small vineyard in a proven region. Instead, he chose to pioneer a global scale venture in a new winegrowing area. The family brought together a team of experts and charged them with finding a new region capable of producing premium wines.

After extensive exploration, we chose the Cheviot Hills of North Canterbury, on New Zealand’s South Island. Our Mt Beautiful vineyard lies on the southern banks of the Waiau River, near the settlement of Spotswood, 9km north of Cheviot and 100km north of Christchurch.

The name for our vineyard, Mt Beautiful, is inspired by a nearby local landmark. Lying between the vineyard and the sea, the peak protects our vines from coastal winds.

The grapes for Mt Beautiful wines are grown on our own vineyard and crafted by renowned winemaker Sam Weaver.

They express individual character and complexity, as well as refinement and quality. These are wines with panache that encapsulate the diversity and balanced harmony of our Mt Beautiful vineyard itself.


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