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At Brewer - Clifton, there is an utmost respect for nature. We believe that when working with a product of nature, it is necessary to always maintain an awareness of the elements and phenomena that are beyond our total understanding and control. If at any time that level of sensitivity is lessened, we risk the unavoidable degradation of the very goals that we are trying to pursue. As such, any intervention in the natural evolution of the product must be carried out with the utmost attentiveness and care.

We believe that the geographic, geologic and climatic uniqueness of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation provide an ideal place to grow chardonnay and pinot noir of intensity, complexity and specificity. Within the appellation, each vineyard carries its own imprint. Our mission and indeed our passion is to present wines that convey the characteristics inherent to each of these sites, with uncompromising quality.

"...crafted by ex-surfer and rock singer Steve Clifton and ex-French professor Greg Brewer in a prefab metal shed located in an industrial park not far from the Lompoc prison. After tasting their chards I knew I had to meet these guys. It's sort of amusing to imagine that their odd-couple chemistry has something to do with the contradictory lean/fleshy quality of their wines. Mr. Brewer is a lean, hyperactive former competitive cyclist; the Laguna-bred Mr. Clifton still seems much more like a surfer than an oenologist, brawnier and far more laid back. But both are quick to credit the unique geography of their chosen region." Jay McInerney, Wall Street Journal

Steve Clifton also produces wine under his Palmina label, which focuses exclusively on Italian varietals.

Greg Brewer also produces wine under his diatom label, as well as being the winemaker at Melville, a Sta. Rita Hills winery dedicated to estate grown pinot noir, chardonnay and syrah.