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With origins dating back to 1648, the Bel Air Castle is one of the oldest properties in the famous vineyards of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont.

Chateau Bel Air is a land of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont. The field on which it depends is found on older local terriers plans. Transmitted from generation to generation is still in the hands of the same family. Born on this earth where he opened his eyes and raised, Jean Guy Meric door him. He succeeded his parents today and ensures the continuity of the operations and management of Vineyards Meric. Chateau Bel Air is the most famous appellations of the house and its typical wine of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont bears comparison with the famous sweet white. But the area also includes in its productions of other wines from neighbouring vineyards and take different appellations.

From an early age, Jean Guy Meric has been in his fathers footsteps. Before you even know how to speak and understand the meaning of what he saw, he traveled the area hand in hand with him. Growing, vineyards and winery quickly became fields of exploration and discovery to the rhythm of the seasons. Far as was possible in free time schooling, he accompanied the men and women on this earth, going about their business and him have learned the ancient gestures. Then from age, the actual initiation into the secrets of the family tradition, piously preserved from father to son, took place in a logical and natural extension. But Jean Guy Meric strong this acquired essential in the art of making a wine that is soft as the flagship domain vintage, Chateau Bel Air, and just as in the other wines of the house, has expanded its knowledge by opening up to the new science brings him wine in all its aspects. Today only manage the property and to maintain the reputation of its wines has confirmed that the Ch√Ęteau Bel Air which earned him a success on the traditional European market, where it extends beyond responding to new demands.