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In 1719 Jean-Pierre du Pontet, advisor to the King, acquired Domaine Perganson at an auction sale, to add to Langoa and Canet which he already owned. When he died he left his lands at Saint Julien to his elder son Mr Pontet de Canet, and his land and chateau at Saint Laurent to his younger son, Mr Pontet-Perganson.

The first mention of the wines from Perganson, by the broker Lawton, refers to the 1742 vintage, and its price placed it regularly at the level of the future 5th classified crus. The name Larose appeared in the 1830s after Henry Delaroze, co-heir of the future Gruaud-Larose at Saint-Julien, became proprietor of Perganson in 1815, and Pontet-Perganson became Larose-Perganson.