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La Gabare, one of the last few independent cognac houses, was founded by Mr Jean Grosperrin, broker and cognac merchant, in 1992.

As a broker, Jean was able to develop a very special relationship with his clients who opened him the doors of their cellars and allowed him to buy some of their most precious stocks.

Today the family-own house is exclusively dedicated to the search, selection and ageing and sale of cognacs of exceptional ageing and tasting and blending qualities for Cognac Le Roch brand and of unique, rare & very old cognacs for the Cognac Jean Grosperrin brand.

Cognac Le Roch offers an outstanding quality as an entry product in the cognac world. Under Le Roch brand, neophytes or cognac connoisseurs will be acquainted with exceptional gustative cognacs elaborated from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne cognacs, the two most appreciated growth areas of cognac.


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