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Not content with owning his own fantastic Champagne House, Bruno Paillard bought Chateau des Sarrins in 1995 and immediately set about revitalising the property. The name of the property is said to stem from an invading Saracen who was killed, and buried in his golden armour, on the property in the 14th Century.

Recognising the potential of the estate's oldest vines, Bruno left these in place whilst also planting new vineyards and building a modern, gravity-fed cellar in which to make these wonderful Provencal wines.

The secret to the estate's success lies in the fact the vines are planted up in the hills (at around 250m altitude) rather than down on the valley floor. This extra bit of height means a cooler temperature, especially at night, preserving the grapes' natural acidity and fruit flavours and thus more elegant wines.