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Domaine de Montplo is located on a Villafrancienne terrace of gravel from the former river Cesse where the limestone rich soils are deep with good drainage, helping them to limit the negative effects of rain, especially before and during harvest time. The altitude of 200 meters provides cool nights in summertime which ensure that grapes like the Grenache in the blend can reach full phenolic and physiological ripeness. Jean-Michel Consul only makes one wine which is a three way blend of old vine Carginan, Grenache and Syrah.

Like the back three in any great French rugby team, each grape brings something different to the pitch. The Carignan offers rusticity and earthiness. The Grenache adds a splash of alcohol, structure and suppleness, while the Syrah steams in, Blanco-like, providing colour and sublime aromas of pepper, liquorice, spices and violet.